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About AAF

 Building from a Strong Foundation

Australian Aluminium Finishing (AAF) is today the largest dedicated coater of aluminium in Australia, with 3 plants in operation, incorporating 11 production facilities, serving Australia and the S.E. Asian regions. AAF has a very solid base with the origins of the AAF group stretching back more than 30 years. The vision of the company founders was to develop an organisation to specialise and excel in surface finishing, and that early vision has remained central to AAF throughout the growth and diversification of our operations, and still drives our activities today.

AAF, through continued development and improvement have expanded operations into Queensland and Victoria. This typifies the committed approach to growth which has enabled us to establish ourselves very firmly as market leaders.

We have ensured that through careful diversification AAF has moved into each significant area of our industry: Powder Coating, Anodising. Consequently AAF is now widely regarded as THE experts in aluminium finishing throughout Australia, a position we have attained through our true strength: our skilled team of professionals.

We stand behind our products and processes, with a 250+ workforce of dedicated professionals, collectively commanding decades of industry experience and expertise. This expertise extends far beyond production issues, and goes to the core of our relationships with our customers.

We have never considered ourselves to be mere service and product providers, our ability and willingness to establish close links with customers; to develop and improve their product quality has been and still remains a major factor in our success. This is the tested, true, and very firm foundation that AAF builds on and shall continue into the new millennium.