26 Feb 2015

Anodised Aluminium White Paper


Seven Outstanding Features of Anodising and the relation to Modern Building Design.
E.N.D.L.E.S.S Wonders of Anodised Aluminium.

The White Paper is available in PDF format or can be viewed online as a flash book.

Anodised Aluminium White Paper

Environment & Sustainability
Independent sustainability analysis confirms the significant advantages of anodising in the
environment. Powder coatings principally embody large petro-chemical based products and

Natural Beauty
Anodising is the transformation of the aluminium itself into a natural metallic finish.
In modern building design anodising complements and blends with other natural
building materials.

In everyday use we touch anodised products such as iPhones and kitchenware. With hardness
comes durability, and Evershield High Grade anodising rates 9 on MOHS scale of hardness,
comparable to rubys/corundum. Iconic anodised Australian buildings, now exceeded 50 years and
still in great condition.

Lustres & Colours
AAF’s Evershield new colour range includes “Illustro” finishes. A unique mid-range
lustre providing a silky feel, touch and look. Anodising bright finishes provide exceptional
gloss readings.

In the paint/powder industry “edge pull” refers to pulling back from edges leaving lower
film builds creating weak points. Anodising’s immersion process is deal for perforations,
punching or indeed any aluminium extrusion.

Seaside Applications
High grade anodising is incomparable when it comes to durability in seaside locations.
AAF Evershield “Coastal” provides added protection, with proven durability and suitability
for architectural seaside locations.

Security. Warranty & Accreditation
All anodising is not the same. Specifying AAF EverShield High Grade Anodising is
supported by Third Party Accreditation and the AAF warranty programme.

* White Paper on Anodising (http://www.aafonline.com.au/content/download/14530/253552/file/White-Paper-Anodising.pdf)
** KMH Environmental Impact Comparison (http://www.aafonline.com.au/content/download/5528/85066/file/KMH-Environmental-Report-Anodising-Vs-PowderCoating.pdf)