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Powdercoating Colours

  • Metallic/Pearl
  • Ripple/Texture
Colour Finish Warranty
Name Code Manufacturer Sample Type Brand Powder Lustre Film Colour Adhesion
Metallic/Pearl Ripple/Texture Sablé™ Brilliance GL277A Akzo Nobel - Interpon®
Sablé™ Brilliance New Release
P AAF Powdercoating D1000 Sablé™ Gloss 10yrs Residential BCA Class 1 or 10 10yrs Residential BCA Class 1 or 10 None
Metallic/Pearl Ripple/Texture Ultriva™ Sablé™ Brilliance YY377A Akzo Nobel - Interpon®
Ultriva™ Sablé™ Brilliance New Release
P AAF EverCoat™ D2015 Ultriva™ Sablé Contemporary Metro Matt 20years 15years 20years

Please note that colours and colour details as shown are indicated as a guide only, check with the manufacturer before making a final selection.

Any COLORBOND® colours displayed in this chart are designed by AAF and its suppliers to match BlueScope Steel's trade marked colour brands. The colours and paint systems employed by AAF are not the same as those used by BlueScope Steel and as such colours may vary. Paints promoted on this website are not endorsed or manufactured by BlueScope Steel.