Guidance Notes

AAF Colour Selector Help

The AAFOnline Colour Selector is a tool used to quickly and easily locate a colour and print specifications.

There are three tabs to choose from, "Architectural Grade, "Manufacturers" and "Quick Search". Within the "Architectural Grade" and "Manufacturers" tabs, you refine your colour choices by selecting options and then either clicking on the "Search" button to browse all colours within the selected range, or alternatively clicking on the Colour Wheel or Greyscale to obtain the desired colour.

There are also extra check box options, such as showing deleted items, and showing detailed results. Showing detailed results allows you to easily compare such characteristics as warranties and finish lustre. However the colour list is much longer, so for a broad search it is better to leave this box unchecked and look at the consolidated colour list.

When the consolidated colours appear, click on the desired colour to bring up the detailed results with associated individual colour names and numbers. Clicking on the individual colour name will give you a Colour Detail and Specifications Card, which will then give you everything you need to specify your chosen finish, including a feature that will copy specification text to your clipboard.

The Quick Search tab enables you to quickly search for a colour by typing in some or all of the colour name or number. It also allows you to look at all anodising and/or powdercating colours at a glance. This tool is particularly handy for locating superceded or alternative colours.