Online Tracking Guide

The AAF web interface allows you to;

  • Track your orders live online, anytime, from anywhere.
  • Search by colour, PO#, AAF WO# and also dates.
  • See how your job is progressing – just by glancing at the “progress bar” that displays the percentage-to-completion figure for each order
  • Drill down to a specific order to view details of line items, status, section drawings and so on
  • Print a list of orders and status details online
  • When your order is completed and delivered, the web interface also lets you;
    • Check which items are included in each pack
    • Check which packs a particular item is packed in

AAF, at present, offers 5 screens of real-time information for our customers to review all details concerning their work orders. From the initial creation of the work order, to the delivery of your finished aluminium, all of AAF's processing/manufacturing is tracked, recorded and instantly displayed to AAF customers via this site.

Popup Window Blocking

In order to gain access to the full functionality of AAF’s Order Tracking System you must enable pop ups, however for internet security only enable this AAF web site. The system/site employs pop ups windows to display various levels of your data. If you do not enable the popups, you will not be able to access all your available data. See popups section below for full details and instructions.

Screens, (pages)

  1. Work Order Summaries, this is the main screen, it displays all your work orders currently existing with AAF, 20 per page, clicking on "next page" will show the next 20. Details are divided into 6 columns of data with one work order per row. The data columns are; your purchase order number, AAF's work order number, colour, status, date order is due and the progress of your order through AAF's plant, which is shown in a graph & percentage form (image and details shown below). If this is the only page you can access see “Pop up blockers” section below.
  2. Details of Selected Work Order, displays information on the sections included on that order, the details, which packing cases they are packed into and the despatch dates.
  3. Section Details, An image of the selected section is displayed along with information on which pack this section is despatched in and which order it belongs.
  4. Packing Label, shows the all the sections plus details, that are included in the pack with this packing label number.
  5. Order Status Detail, this report displays your aluminium’s progress (as it occurs) through AAF’s plant. At each stage of production, the details of your work order’s progress are recorded into our system. These details are immediately made available for registered customers to follow their aluminium through each phase of our plant. Details include Status, time & date and who completed this phase of your order.

Main screen

Work Order Summaries

Shows the current Account you are viewing.

Click this arrow to Change Accounts.

Use the tools menu to set Popup Blocker options.

AAF aluminium finishing order tracking interface

Details of the status each work order goes through are available by clicking on the icon in this column.

Printing - right click any where on the web page. A popup menu showing all available options will appear. Select the "print" option and then the printer you wish to print with.

Navigation - To move from screen to screen within AAF's order tracking interface, click on items that are underlined and coloured blue.


On the Main screen (1, shown above) you may click on any of the AAF Order numbers (underlined and blue). Once you click on the order number, another window will open showing the details for that particular order number. From this window (2) you may select a section number or a packing label. Again, clicking on either of these will open another window that displays the details specific to that section (page 3) or packing label (page 4).

To resort the data contained in any of the columns you can click on the column heading and the information will resort according to that columns data, with newest to oldest or lowest to highest. EG, if you want all work orders that are completed or closest to completion at the top of the table then all you need to do is click on the progress graph column header and the data is resorted.

Do not use your Internet browser's "back/forward" arrows or buttons as these will not assist in navigating the AAF order tracking facility.

To close these windows (2, 3, 4) simply click on the button "close this window", top right.

To close the main (1) window, click on the text "logout", which is top right.

IMPORTANT Popup Blockers

This AAF site employs the use of "pop ups" as a means of displaying the various details related to your work orders. If your PC's internet settings block popups, by either the browser settings or via a Google or similar type toolbar, you will not be able to view any screens (pages) other than the main (1) screen. To fully utilise AAF's order tracking facility you must enable pop ups for this AAF site only *.

To enable pop ups via internet explorer version 7, click on the tools option on the toolbar (see image above). Select popup blockers, then ‘popup blocker settings’ and type in the number (ip address), click ADD.
If you do not use IE version 7, then please search the help provide within your browser on how to disable popups.
If you have a Google, yahoo or other type toolbar installed on top of your browser then please see the help provided with that software to disable popups for a particular site.

*AAF does not recommend allowing popups for all internet sites.

Multiple accounts

If your login is linked to multiple accounts, you can switch between accounts via the "drop down box", located top centre screen (shown above). Simply click on the down arrow and all the accounts available to your login will be shown. Click on the account you wish to review work orders from.
Each of the 4 screens detailed above is available for any and all of your accounts.

Progress Graph

On the main page, each work order's current status is displayed via the graph at the far right of the screen. As the entire AAF tracking system is in real time, the current status of your order is "as of" the time and date of your enquiry (shown top right).





Credit Stop
Awaiting Metal
To Be Scheduled


Production Scheduled


Metal Picked


Metal Pre-treated


Production Started


Jigging Started


Packing Labels
Packing Started
Adjustment Needed


Ready For Despatch


Partly Despatched


Despatch Started


Fully Despatched