Anodising EverShield

Providing the largest range of anodised finishes in the industry, AAF's anodising facilities provide natural, matt, clear, coloured, bright and premium grade anodising. Mechanical polishing and finishing are also available which are currently utilised extensively in the bathroom and picture framing industries.

Simply put, anodising is a hard durable finish that maintains the beauty and natural metallic lustre of aluminium while reinforcing its natural ability to withstand the elements. Anodising is an integral finish, it cannot flake, peel or blister.

Australian Aluminium Finishing (AAF) is the country’s largest specialist aluminium finisher with a comprehensive range of finishes to suit your project. So how do you select the right finish?


General Anodising
Anodise process

If you need or are quoting on standard anodise finishes in the 10, 15, 20 or 25µm range and do not require a warranty, stringent controls and performance, then you may consider this anodise option. AAF can undertake any of these anodised finishes in accordance with the Australian Standards AS 1231 Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys - Anodised coatings for architectural applications... more »

High Grade Anodising

When you’re planning or fabricating a project that requires extra levels of control and documentation, including warranty. When you require an anodise finish of the correct thickness and with all processes optimised to your specific and demanding requirements, then the EverShield™ range is the only anodise finish for you.

AAF has developed exacting process controls that take our anodising to the next level, beyond AS1231. Giving you the aluminum anodised finish of a lifetime. We have also taken the complexity out of the specification process, so when you need that extra finish just specify EverShield™ and we do the rest... more »