AAF Anodising


The beauty of the Anodising process is its ability to enhance and protect the natural metallic lustre of aluminium with an extremely hard and durable surface. The Anodising process has and will continue to withstand the test of time, as it is an Integral finish and cannot flake, peel or blister.

Our Credentials

Providing the largest range of Anodise finishes in the industry, AAF's Anodising facilities produce quality natural, matt, clear, coloured, bright and premium grade Anodising finishing. Mechanical polishing and finishing are also available and currently utilised extensively in the bathroom and picture framing industries.



10-15 microns (internal), 20-25 microns (external) Electrolytic & Internal Dyes.


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Colouring Processes

Matt, Clear, Natural

The natural metallic appearance of the aluminium is protected and preserved.



Utilising metal salts this process provides colours suitable for external and internal applications. Colours are available in brown, bronze, black.


Organic or Inorganic dyeing provides a large spectrum of anodise colours eg. gold, red, yellow, blue etc. Please note, some colours suitable for internal applications only. Sanadol is a licensed process.

 AAF's Anodising Process

Anodising Process