Our Brands

Australian Aluminium Finishing (AAF) is the country’s largest specialist aluminium finisher with a comprehensive range of finishes to suit your project. We have developed a simple range of brands that explain the benefits of an AAF finish for your project.

Anodise Evershield Internal


EverShield™ Internal


So if you choose EverShield™ anodising in a bright (gloss) finish you can rest assured that the advantages of anodising will deliver a finish that is not only bright and vibrant but more scratch resistant and free from orange peel than any other finish available... more»

EverShield™ External

Anodise AAF Evershield External


Anodising EverShield

AAF’s high grade anodising EverShield™ has been design to provide warranty grade finishes that can be relied on in Australia’s demanding environment. The Sun is a harsh and formidable opponent to any surface finish... more»

EverShield™ Coastal High Grade Anodising

Anodising, AAF Evershield Coastal , high grade anodise process


Anodising EverShield

The Australian coastal environment is acknowledge as one of the harshest on earth and studies have shown that salt air can significantly corrode metal on buildings up to 20 kilometres from the coast. Because of EverShield™ Coastal’s superior resistance to salt corrosion, pollution and other forms of corrosion, this finish is recommended in both seaside and inland locations were durability and longevity are of importance... more»

EverCoat™ Powder Coating


The processes used to apply powder are critical to its longevity. It is what’s underneath that determines whether;

1. The powder warranty will be supported

 2. The coating will withstand corrosion and not flake, peel or blister... more»

Envirocare Fluropolymer Coating System


Envirocare Fluoropolymer PVF3 is the most durable architectural organic coating system currently available. With over 40 years proven performance of earlier generation PVF2, Envirocare PVF3 demonstrates improved performance without the use of harsh solvents. Envirocare's extended life offers maximum sustainability... more»


DNA Fingerprint

AAF powdercoat identification

AAF, in combination with the giant Henkel organisation has secured an Australian first and exclusive pre-treatment system (priming the aluminium for the powder coat). This ensures the quality of our powder coating by adding a DNA Fingerprint # that ensures our work is traceable forever, well for at least the life of the coating... more»

Warranty Plus

Anodise and powder Warranty

Customers automatically receive the benefits of AAF Warranty Plus, our "super guarantee" for finishing when they specify an EverShield™ High Grade Anodising or EverCoat™ Powder Coating in the correct application. You can be assured that you get a warranty that is supported by Australia’s largest independent finisher that will be there to stand behind our products... more»