EverCoat™ Powder Coating

powder coat

The processes used to apply powder are critical to its longevity. It is what’s underneath that determines whether;

1. The powder warranty will be supported
2. The coating will withstand corrosion and not flake, peel or blister

You need to scratch a little deeper to ensure that the coating will last. The EverCoat™ Powder Coating Process by AAF guarantees you security and peace of mind when selecting warranty grade powders. The correct fusing of the powder is critical and AAF has all the controls to ensure our processes will stand strong.

Over 7 times more durable

AAF’s exclusive EverCoat™ pre-treatment process delivers superior results. Recent independent tests have shown that the EverCoat™ Powder Coating Process has produced durability results 7.5 times longer than that required by the Australian Standards for Powder Coating (AS3715)

Powdercoating AAF bringing it all together

Completing the Circle

It is not called the circle of life for nothing, in this world we are all affected by things that others do. This is even more the case when choosing a powder colour as the warranty is actually provided by the finisher - choosing the powder is not enough.

We are a Platinum Coater

There are many types of powder available from standard to high grade performance powders. AAF has extensive systems that ensure that the finish you specify is applied and documented correctly. We are approved by the major powder manufacturers to apply all levels of coating, receiving the highest approval of Platinum status. Are you specifying a finisher that is capable of offering the Dulux & Interpon warranty claims?

The Majority of Failures are due to Application

The EverCoat™ Powder Coating Process is part of the product's integrity. The coating warranty comes from the finisher, if the finish peels, flakes or blisters it is not covered by the powder suppliers and with the majority of failures being due to application you are extremely exposed by relying on the powder warranty alone.

Your assurance of what we say

AAF is a Qualicoat licensed applicator with random biannual independent audits which gives you assurance that our processes are in order. This independent international standard exceeds the requirements of AS3715.

The powder manufacturers do not cover adhesion in their warranties please verify this for yourselves this but be assured that AAF’s Warranty Plus underpins the powder warranty to complete the circle giving you a watertight warranty that is backed by Australia’s largest independent aluminium finisher... more »

We have your projects DNA

AAF powdercoat identification

We are also the only coater providing DNA traceability with AAF's exclusive EverCoat™ pre-treatment process to ensure that in the future there is no doubt who coated your project, as it is what’s not seen (underneath) that counts and is hardest to prove in the event of a failure. Remember most failures are due to adhesion not powder failure... more »

Benefits of EverCoat™ at a Glance

The benefits of the EverCoat™ Powder Coating Process are;

  • AAF applies the best & exclusive pre-treatment chemistry & systems available with DNA traceability
  • AAF uses the highest grade of powders available
  • AAF ultilises state-of the art plant & equipment ensuring the best application process
  • We employ trained staff to monitor & control with detailed recording systems
  • AAF is independently 3rd party audited as a Qualicoat Licensed applicator
  • We are the largest independent coater and offer Warranty Plus to give you absolute assurance

A Safer Future with EverCoat™

Anodise and powder Warranty

If you choose the EverCoat™ Powder Coating Process you can rest assured that the finish you chose will be applied to or above the standards required. AAF’s Warranty Plus underpins the powder warranty giving assurance that your finish will not peel, flake or blister... more »