Powder Coating

powder coat

AAF powder coating process is applied and tested in accordance with Australian Standards AS3715 'Metal Finishing - thermoset powder coatings for architectural applications'. Furthering our commitment to quality, AAF has implemented the international standard ' Qualicoat', requiring random external audits of manufacturing facilities.

Is an application of pigmented powder that once heat cured becomes a solid and tough coating that adheres to the surface of Aluminium. Powder Coatings can be made in a multitude of colours, lustres, textures &

special effects coatings, so they are popular because of the great range of colour options.

Durable and Super Durable powders are also available for your project. These powders are formulated with higher grade polymers & pigments, which provide better weathering (colour & gloss) than the standard powder coatings. This means that your finish can look newer for longer!

Australian Aluminium Finishing (AAF) is the country’s largest specialist aluminium finisher with a comprehensive range of finishes to suit your project. So how do you select to right finish?

General Powder Coating

If you need or are quoting on standard finishes that do not require a warranty or stringent controls and performance then this is the selection for you. AAF can undertake any finish in accordance with the Australian Standards AS3715 'Metal Finishing - thermoset powder coatings for architectural applications... more »

High Grade Powder Coating

The processes used to apply powder are critical to its longevity. It is what’s underneath that determines whether;

1. The powder warranty will be supported
2. The coating will withstand corrosion and not flake, peel or blister

You need to scratch a little deeper to ensure that the coating will last. The EverCoat™ Powder Coating Process by AAF guarantees you security and peace of mind when selecting warranty grade powders. The correct fusing of the powder is critical and AAF has all the controls to ensure our processes will stand strong... more »