AAF Powder Coating

An applied finish given to aluminium for decorative purposes and to improve corrosion resistance, powder coatings are available in a multitude of colours welsuitable for many decorative applications. Well suited to harsh environments powders are resistant to acids, alkalis and oils at normal temperatures. Different powder grades, colours and manufacturing methods can also provide superior gloss retention and excellent mechanical properties.

Our Credentials

AAF's Applicator Certification - Interpon
AAF's Powdercoating Certification - Dulux

AAF has one of the largest, most cost-efficient, high-grade powder coating facilities in the Southern Hemisphere. Our Wetherill Park plant has a 61 metre 7 stage chromatic pre-treatment tunnel feeding a 300m long horizontal main coating line.
The leading powder suppliers such as Akzo Nobel (Interpon), Dulux etc. approve our powder coating facilities for the application of standard and warranty grade powders.

AAF powder coating process is applied and tested in accordance with Australian Standards AS3715 'Metal Finishing - thermoset powder coatings for architectural applications'. Furthering our commitment to quality, AAF has implemented the international standard ' Qualicoat', requiring random external audits of manufacturing facilities.



As per AS3715


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7, 10, 15, 20 year warranties available*

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Powder coating is a method of applying paint in powder form to aluminium surfaces. Several essential steps should always be considered when selecting an applicator.

  1. Pre-treatment A priming process that prepares the aluminium for coating. It is probably the most overlooked step, however successful adhesion of powder to the aluminium is dependent upon quality pre-treatment.
  2. Powder Coating Powder consisting of thermoset resins, pigments and other additives, is factory-applied to the metal surfaces using specialised electrostatic equipment.
  3. Oven Curing Painted products are then cured by oven baking them to 200°C During the curing the powder liquefies and the resins cross link, producing a tough and extremely durable surface finish.
  4. Packaging Prevention of marking of the finished surface requires expert packaging. Couriers and general freighters take no responsibility, you must ensure the packaging on your product is adequate.
Powder Coating Process