DNA Fingerprint

AAF powdercoat identification

Powder coating of aluminium can cover a lot of sins - especially if you don't know who has applied it.

AAF, in combination with the giant Henkel organisation has secured an Australian first - an exclusive pre-treatment system (priming the aluminium for the powder coat). This ensures the quality of our powder coating by adding a DNA Fingerprint* that ensures our work is traceable for the life of the coating.

This gives customers even more peace of mind about the durability of their aluminium finish and in addition we are also licensed to the international Qualicoat compliance system. AAF is so confident in our quality assurance that we want you to know for certain it is our finish.

Why you need DNA Traceability

With so much aluminium being sourced from different plants in Asia, quality is a major issue for Australian customers. When it comes to the application and durability of the powder, it’s what’s underneath that counts.

What you see isn't always what you get. How do you know your finishes and coatings are being applied in excellent quality? Can you be absolutely sure the correct pre-treatment procedures (priming) have been followed for the powder application process?

If coating defects appear in the warranty period you can be exposed to a complex and costly rectification issues with an offshore aluminium supplier - or even a local supplier, for that matter.

How it works

The DNA trace elements - which are exclusive to AAF / Henkel, are embedded during AAF's powder coating processes. These trace elements are included in conversion coating during pre-treatment of the metal, prior to powder coating.

How do you know?

Who applied the coating? Poor records plague the aluminium industry and many projects are clouded by many coaters doing the work, it is not always exclusively one. Who applied the powder on that section in the unfortunate even of a failure? Remember the warranty comes from the applicator not the Powder manufacturer!

It's just not worth the risk - especially when AAF offers you the ongoing reliability of a DNA Fingerprint, you will always for the life of the coating know it was us if you specify EverCoat™.

* DNA Traceability does not apply to anodising.