Finish Features & Comparison



Powder Coating

What is it?

Conversion of outer layer of aluminium substrate by electrochemical process

Application of coloured polymer particles atop aluminium substrate, which is heat cured

No. of Available Colours

Up to 30 combinations

100's of options available

Abrasive Hardness / Traffic Resistance

Excellent - Extreme

Good - High

Performance in Coastal / salt air environments



Why Choose?

Modern Designer "Look" Enhances Natural Metal Lustre

Versatile Choice Able to match many other Building paint colours;...

Appearance compliments other Materials

Stainless Steel, Stone, Timbers, Glass, other natural Materials & Metals

Other Building products eg. Colorbond, Surface Paint Colours


Clear - Translucent, Metal lustre often notable

Opaque, colour of powder

Lustres Available

Matt, Satin, Bright

Matt, Low Sheen, Satin, Gloss

Other Surface Effects Available

Brushed, Polished

Metallic, Pearlescent

Exterior UV Suitability

Some Colours External Other Colours Internal Only

Most Colours External Few Colours Internal Only


Dependant on job size & grade chosen, usually 3-5% of final product

Dependant on job size & grade chosen, usually 3-5% of final product

Weathering Properties (External Grades)

Excellent resistance

Excellent resistance (when suitably pre-treated)

Possible Wear rates (non abrasive)

0.0 -0.1 um / year

0.3 -2.0 um / year

Materials to Avoid contact (refer to "Basic Care of Aluminium" in the Technical Library)

Alkaline & Acid Materials Esp. at building stage

Strong Alkaline & Strong Acid Materials Organic Solvents